Checklist for:
Adult Day Care Centers

If you are interested in obtaining adult day care for an elder in your care, investigate the day care center most convenient for you using the following guidelines.

Center Name:

Center Address:

Center Telephone:

Hours Open

Is the center open during hours that meet your needs?

Half day program? What are the hours? __________ to __________

Full day program? What are the hours? __________ to __________

Eligibility Requirements

Any age Requirements? What are they? ____________

Shared facilities with other onsite elder's residence?

Alzheimer's Disease patients accepted?

What is the level of physical or mental incapacity that the center can handle?


Is there a sliding fee scale? What is it?

Is there an additional cost for Alzheimer's patients? How much?

Will Medicaid cover any of the cost?

Services Provided

The following is a list of services provided by many centers. Not all centers provide all services so be sure to ask which are available.

Social Services?

Transportation to the center?

Transportation to other places for appointments, shopping, etc.?

Medical assesment?

Medical Treatment?

Onsite podiatry care?

Recreational therapy?

Art therapy?

Occupational therapy?

Speech therapy?

Music therapy?

Reality therapy?

Physical therapy?


Assitance dressing/grooming/using the toilet?


Meals at the center?

Dietary counseling?

Nursing services?

Laundry services?


An adult day care center is not a "baby sitting" service. You are paying for a planned program of therapeutic activities relevant to your elder's needs. So plan on spending some time at the facility observing the programs and participants. Keep in mind the following questions.

Does the facility meet state-determined standards of day care?

Is the center clean, comfortable, and cheerful?

Is the physical environment safe and accessible for people with disabilities?

Are doorways wide enough for people who use wheelchairs or walkers?

Are tables and toilets at the right height for people who use wheelchairs?

Does the facility meet local fire, sanitation, and health codes?

Are exits clearly marked, unobstructed, and easily opened from the inside?

Are emergency procedures posted and easy to understand?

Does the staff have appropriate qualifications and experience?

Do staff members treat participants with care and sensitivity?

Do the participants seem content and occupied with all activities?

Does the center offer programs suitable for your elder's needs?

For more information or a list of other Heritage Planning educational materials on helping your parents, contact:

Richard Smith or Roger Erickson
Professional Educators Benefits Company
Post Office Box 37102
Tallahassee, Florida 32315-7102

Telephone: Richard Smith: 850-385-2627, Roger Erickson: 850-385-5135
In Florida, outside Leon County call: 1-800-260-6573