Estate Tax Explorer Title Page

You may download the Estate Tax Explorer Software to give you an idea of what amount of estate taxes your family will be liable for upon your death. Estate taxes can amount to 50% or more of your estate value. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead to avoid paying as much of these taxes as possible. You have worked a lifetime accumulating your assets and have paid taxes all of your life. Do you want to give 50% or more of your estate to Uncle Sam instead of your heirs?

Download Estate Tax Explorer Now

Once you have downloaded the files you may copy them onto a disk and run the program directly from the disk by typing EXPLORE at the A:prompt. The program will run faster if you install it to your hard drive. If you would like to install the program to your hard drive, type INSTALL at the A: prompt and follow the instructions. Once the program is installed, type ETXPLORE at the C:prompt. (Note that a "T" has been added) Enjoy the program!