Helping Yourself

Many people nearing or beginning retirement find that their financial concerns become more complex--and that there's more to consider than simply how to accumulate dollars. And yet, in their simplest form, most people,s objectives still point toward one desire: peace of mind for themselves and their families. That's the foundation of Heritage Planning: the reality that, behind the performance ratings, the search for "hot" investments, and superstar money managers, your financial concerns are Actually pretty basic: helping yourself, helping your children, and helping your parents.

The Process of Heritage Planning

The process behind Heritage Planning begins with identifying goals. Once you've determined and prioritized your goals, one of our advisers can help you identify various strategies that might fit your situation and work with you on the specific steps to put these strategies into action.

The information provided here focuses on helping yourself and provides a starting point for a discussion with your financial adviser about how well your financial plan reflects your needs today, so that you can lay a foundation for proceeding next to the planning necessary to help your family. Companion brochures, available from your adviser, and additional web pages address Helping Your Children and Helping Your Parents.

Asking The Questions: You Already May Have Started The Planning Process

The questions you may be asking yourself now can be a good first step in arriving at goals:

Setting Goals

Better-than-average investment performance may well be one of your goals. But if you're really "planning," your goals might also include these:


Once you've set goals, we can point you toward the strategies that help you achieve those goals. While they all won't apply to everyone, the strategies below can help you get a feel for the wide variety of options available to you.

Action Steps

With strategies in place, we can help you develop action steps. (Individual situations vary, and these steps may not be appropriate for everyone.)

No Plan Is Forever

All to often, families assume that a financial plan or strategy developed at one stage will be appropriate forever. These hypothetical examples highlight the dollars-and-cents value of making sure your planning is ongoing and reflects any changing circumstances.

More details on these issues and many others are available. Please understand that while this information was gathered from sources believed to be reliable, it is only a starting point and is generic in nature. Therefore its accuracy cannot be guaranteed for every situation. We encourage you to contact our office so that we may evaluate each situation independently and offer accurate advice based on individual needs. We also encourage you to discuss any recommendations with an attorney or tax advisor. If you do not have an attorney or tax advisor, we will be happy to refer you to one.

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