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Professional Educators Benefits Company is committed to providing superior financial services advice and solutions to members and family of the educational community and to provide these services in a competitively advantageous manner to our clients.

Professional Educators Benefits Company was born out of a need expressed by members of the educational community to have impartial and instantaneous information regarding a variety of financial services topics. These topics are multi-generational and run from the often asked "How can we save tax dollars?" to the complex "When can I retire and how can I afford to support myself, my adult children, and my aging parents on a fixed income?" To answer these and other questions we have assembled the Heritage Planning Series. The Heritage Planning Series is a list of documents that can be viewed and printed to provide generic answers to some of the more commonly asked financial services questions. Because we realize that no two people have identical concerns or questions, individualized planning is also a part of the services we provide.

If estate planning is an area that is of interest to you, take time to visit our Estate Tax Explorer to get an idea of what "Uncle Sam" has in store for your family after you're gone. You may surprised at what you find! After reviewing your results, feel relieved to know that regardless of the size of your estate, you can pass most, if not all, of your estate to your heirs estate tax free! Providing solutions to your estate tax concerns is an area that we specialize in!

If you are simply looking for a quote on Insurance or a favorite Stock, visit those pages. We represent many different companies and can assist with most of your Financial Services needs.

We hope you find this site informative, educational, and enjoyable. Since we are constantly looking at ways to improve our services and product portfolio, this site will be evolving continually. Please bookmark our site and check back often so you will not miss anything! Thank you for visiting our site and on to planning for your future financial security!


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